Date: maart 2019
Tag: Podcast / Audio
Client: RAUM
When we think of the future of cities, we tend to think of the human perspective only. Ansicht is a podcast series that explores a different view. By means of six podcasts by six different authors, the city of the future is viewed from a non-human perspective. Inspiring, witty and moving perspectives are brought to you by a wandering donkey, a falling raindrop, a daffodil or a snack machine hatch instead of a human agent. The short fictional stories will introduce you to a world never before seen or heard of. A world that is yet to exist, but can already be formatted in our human imagination – if tickled correctly. Ansicht aims to challenge writers to sketch an everyday experience in the future that zooms in on feelings, situations and specific urban spaces that can be both recognized and imagined by the listener.


Upon the invitation of citylab RAUM, Tom Loois developed the concept for Ansicht. He invited and involved literary platform Hard // Hoofd for the selection and supervision of writers, and distribution of the podcast scripts. Sound design by Arno Peeters (Tape TV).

 Beeld: Reinout Dijkstra