The Bodily Talkshow

Date: oktober 2018
Tag: Intimacy
Client: MU, Dutch Design Foundation

Can talk shows benefit from addressing the entire body? A regular talk show predominantly appeals to the eyes and ears. If it weren’t for logistical inconveniences we might as well leave the rest of our bodies at home. What if… we would talk to your body? is an experimental talk show that challenges the status quo of talk shows. During the event, guests, hosts and audience performed a series of collective choreographies during and in between interviews. It served as an exploration into the ways in which we process information, follow discussions, and sympathize with certain topics or guest speakers. An occasional tear, a unique relation between audience and guest speakers, and an energetic atmosphere are only a few examples of the outcome of this 75-minute experiment.

What If… We would talk to your body? is a collaboration with contemporary dance and performance platform WhyNot.

Guest speakers: Dorota Gazy, Vivien Tauchmann, Joep Truijen and Klasien van de Zandschulp

Moderator: Isolde van Hallensleben

Choreographer: Marjolijn Vogels (WhyNot)

Pictures: Boudewijn Bollmann

What if… We would talk to your body? was part of What If Lab 2018, a collaboration between Dutch Design Foundation and MU.