datum: maart 2019
Soort: Podcast & Audio
Opdrachtgever: RAUM
When we draw up a concept of a future city, we tend to do so from a species-specific viewpoint. We render humans as the focal point of that imagination, creating an exclusive, anthropocentric preview of a place predominantly made and destined for humans. However, our surroundings are made up of non-human components as well. Can shifting towards a non-human perspective help us build a more inclusive, holistic and sustainable future city?
Ansicht is a podcast series that explores future metropolises through six short fictional stories. By making use of the transposing capabilities of audio, the stories welcome you to a world that is yet to exist, yet can already be formatted in our human imagination – if tickled correctly. Ansicht introduces us to the perspective of a wandering donkey, a falling raindrop, an immortal daffodil and a snack machine hatch to challenge us in making up our non-anthropocentric prospects.

Upon the invitation of citylab RAUM, Tom Loois developed the concept for Ansicht. For season one he invited and literary platform Hard // Hoofd for the selection and supervision of writers, for season two Urban Futures Studio from the University of Utrecht. Sound compositions are made by Arno Peeters (Tape TV). Artwork by Reinout Dijkstra.