Becoming Flaccid

datum: oktober 2023
Soort: Intimacy
Opdrachtgever: self initiated

Picture by Daantje Bons


Dick-pics and pornography have changed the way we look at images of dicks. Sexual and political connotations overshadow the playful potential of pictures showing this miraculous blend of skin and tissue, often just fumbled away between upper thighs and fabric. To counter this, designers Myrthe Krepel and Tom Loois and photographer Daantje Bons created a series of recontextualized cocks in a low-tech, freestyle photoshoot. The images, while referring to product photography, happily invite the viewer to rethink the roles assigned to our bodies and the constructs that shape our perceptions. May we all become flaccid!

The 7-piece postcard set is available for sale €17,50 including shipping (NL).

Picture by Max Kneefel