Blank Ways

datum: juli 2011
Opdrachtgever: Afstudeer Project - Design Academy Eindhoven

We tend to navigate on the basis of our own, rather fixed geographical framework. When travelling from home to work, school, a friend’s house or favourite bar, it seems we choose to take the quickest, most known or most convenient route. Blank Ways a concept for an app that challenges to take the road less travelled. By showing you the routes you have not taken before, Blank Ways serves as a tool for serendipity and curiosity. By adding a layer on top of the known, it seeks to break through the geographical framework of its user. Do you always turn left at a particular crossroads? Why not turn right for once? Blank Ways keeps track of where you have and have not been will lead you to your destination in an adventurous, inquisitive way.

Blank Ways Graduation Show foto Design Academy Eindhoven

Blank Ways - Hoofdscherm   
Blank Ways - Planner
Blank Ways - Tracks
Blank Ways - Stats
Blank Ways - Eindhoven

Blank Ways - You already took this route