Afwijkend gedrag

datum: augustus 2018
Soort: Podcast & Audio
Opdrachtgever: RAUM

We are expected to behave ourselves in public space, to follow a number of (un)written rules. By using public space in a mostly practical way, we make our lives unnecessarily boring. When was the last time you sang out loud or stared at a lamp pole in public? The Consulting Bureau for Deviant Behavior (or Adviesbureau voor Afwijkend Gedrag) is an activating audio tour that invites you to reconsider the conventional code of conduct in public space. Whilst listening to notions of sociologists like Edwin Sutherland and Émile Durkheim, you are challenged to participate in deviant exercises. The Consulting Bureau for Deviant Behaviorcreates for a comical, confronting and accessible embodied learning experience that aims to re-create social constructs in public space.

The Consultancy Bureau for Deviant Behavior is a portable in situ project that can be easily customized for any context.

Commissioned by RAUM Utrecht and first executed during PLAYRAUM urban gaming festival.



@Playraum festival, RAUM

@The Self Design Academy, MU 📸: Boudewijn Bollmann