Dude in de Dommel

datum: juli 2011
Opdrachtgever: Afstudeer Project - Design Academy Eindhoven

With the arrival of digital desks, web forms and self-scan cash registers, human interaction and therefore direct communication is becoming less and less obvious. How well is a message received by the greater public when there is no human interface to correspond with? The Dude in the Dommel is a brand activation and communication strategy for Waterboard the Dommel that aims to connect with the target audience by means of a real-life conversation. By stationing an employee of the Waterboard literally in the Dommel River, passers-by are able to react upon the absurd situation of a man sitting at his desk in a river. What exactly are the activities of Waterboard the Dommel and what would happen when it ceases to exist? The audience is confronted with the possible outcome: water up to our waists. The Dude in the Dommel is able to initiate conversation and shows that a slightly theatrical situation evokes a much more powerful response than a rigid information board on the riverbank.

Afstudeer film:

Drie medewerkers van Waterschap de Dommel als ‘Dudes’ -Tijdens de Doe de Dommel Dag 2012: