Firma Vruchtvlees

Soort: Intimacy

Sexuality should be something to talk about. Firma Vruchtvlees is a dynamic collective that strives to do so by organizing lectures, debates, film screenings and other events surrounding the topic of sexuality. The so-called Get a Room! nights (a concept of Marije Janssen) delve into specific subthemes to offer insight into sexuality’s incredibly layered and broad character. A few examples include ‘Sexpress Yourself’, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey – Love, Sex and Senior’ and ‘Shaping Sex, Designing Sexuality’. The Firma Vruchtvlees team ranges from a sexologist and a designer to an educator and a catering professional, all approaching the theme in their own, professional ways. With the Get a Room! nights, Firma Vruchtvlees wishes to connect with the citizens of Eindhoven – from young to old and from introvert to extravert.

Tom Loois is co-founder of Firma Vruchtvlees and was actively involved in the project from 2014 – 2016.

  • Get a Room! #4: Shaping Sex, designing seksuality