For Play

datum: oktober 2016
Soort: Curation, Intimacy
Opdrachtgever: MU

Like many other things embedded in our society, sexuality is subject to change. The Venus of Willendorf shows that our relation to physicality and sexuality has long been a part of our culture. It appears that nowadays commerce and porn are leading the conversation surrounding the topic of sexuality, causing the inventive and playful character of sexuality to be overruled and dominated by superficiality and clichés. For Play strives to step away from the ‘what-not-to-do’ approach in conversations about sex, and focuses on widening the spectrum of what can be done. The For Play exhibition shows how a new generation of designers approach and interweave topics such as playfulness, shame, imagination, physicality and sexuality in their work. If design is about improving the quality of life, it seems odd not to include and address the sexuality aspect of it. Next to being an exhibition, For Play is also a manifest to encourage other designers not to shy away from sexuality in their professional practice.

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