Soort: Intimacy

It is a trend in the global north that red-light districts, sex shops and swinger clubs are disappearing from the city streets. Besides developments in consumer behavior this is mainly due to repressive measures by the municipality. Loois believes that the decreasing visibility of sex in the urban fabric increases stigmatization of sex(work) setting of a vicious circle leading to inner cities deprives of any adult stores or facilities.

In this artistic research pilot together with architect Paul van der Bergh they identified ways to introduce sex (work) back into our inner cities. One path was an update in aesthetics.  With the help of Sinead Maduro they created a campaign for fictional ‘Sexual Wellness Center’ Nomi. On its website, shortly maintaining the suspension of disbelief, they introduced the first idea of an Antichambre model. The basis of this is that by mixing adult and non-adult functions could normalization our need for sexual wellness and could be a first step in welcoming sex is back into our inner cities.

This project was supported by the Creative Industries Fund.

-“It could all be a little less mysterious and a normalized part of our city life. We have sex, we are sexual beings.”
– Shari Klein, Intimicy coach and founder of The Pleasure Society


Putting up posters in central Eindhoven

Antichambre model sketch by Paul van den Bergh