RAUM der Lusten

datum: mei 2021
Soort: Curation
Opdrachtgever: Stadslab RAUM

The exhibition and hands on design research project RAUM der Lusten at Stadslab RAUM shows a new and exciting alternative to our public squares and parks.  It is a materialized invitation to rethink our behavior in public space. The concept is inspired by the famous 15th century work ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Jheronymus Bosch and curated by ZUS architects. As a program maker Loois was invited to bring the square to life which due to corona and all its safety regulations was quite a challenge. Therefore he, besides a program that consisted of workshops, podcasts, performances and events, curated additional artworks and managed the design research trajectory executed by Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken.

Participating artists:
Atelier Van LieshoutMaarten BaasAndrea HaslerCédric van Parys / Office CCXD, Studio OssidinanaExtinction RebellionWatershedDaphne HuisdenJonathan Griffioen, Asif Azim, Selm WenselaersErik AlinkSandro van der LeeuwWillem de HaanMyrte van der MolenLily Higgins & Bruno SetolaCaz EgelieMelissa SchriekFailed ArchitectureQFFUSMELT.

Foto’s: Ossip en Mariska Kerpel