The Scene is Here

Every year, the Creative Industries Fund supports promising designers, architects and digital artists to develop their professional abilities. During DDW 2019, the participants in this Grant Programme for Talent Development introduce themselves in a series of one-minute video portraits, within the exhibition The Object is Absent at MU Artspace. Commissioned by the Fund, Loois expands on this presentation with The Scene is Here: a range of playful activities and interactions between the designers and the DDW audience. The concept, developed in accordance with the exhibition’s principle of leaving out the object, hinges on the physical, personal presence of the designers. Loois challenges them to engage with the audience and communicate what it is they do without showing any sketches or finalised products. Guided by Loois, the participants examine the opportunities of a life setting and the way it reflects on their own practice. As a result, visitors can design their own cloths for example, following Anouk Bekkers’ modular clothing system. They can join Koen Steger’s boxing workshop, hack electronic devices at Teis de Greve’s Disassembly Café, or spank Philip Vermeulen with a carpet-beater. The unexpected encounters shed a whole new light on the designs and their makers.

Pictures: Dave Menkehorst