datum: april 2017
Soort: Podcast & Audio
Opdrachtgever: VPRO Digitaal

In the current (Western) media landscape, fake news and alternative facts have caused a decline in confidence among the public. How can the public be sure that the journalistic content they read is trustworthy and transparent? Trees is an interactive platform, app and podcast for investigative journalism that seeks to recover, rebuild and challenge the relationship between provider (journalist) and receiver (audience). It does so by involving the user and listener in the research trajectory to a great extent. Instead of following the linear process of journalism, Trees actively invites its users to participate in the investigation into matters that affect all of us. It creates a research environment in which the maker as well as the user is member and owner. In addition to the audio content, Trees also offers visuals such as photographs, data visualizations and animations to enrich the story being told.

Trees can be downloaded in the Apple App Store