Soort: Curation

Spaces and rituals for contemplation used to be -with the help of religion- woven into the urban fabric; churches were often found in the center of cities and neighborhoods. Over the past few decades, the use of these and similar spaces is in steady decline and alternatives like a meditation or yoga schools cost money. Stadslab RAUM invited Loois to come up with a concept. for a design research project that explores the potential of contemplative spaces in cities. This resulted in a series of installations by art collective We Make Carpets and designers Goede Vrijdag. The installations went alongside a program created by Dina Ziad that involved activities like meditation sessions, tarot reading and mapping contemplation spots in Utrecht.

Foto’s: Cassander Eeftink Schattenkerk


Installations by We Make Carpets, at RAUM Utrecht, The Netherlands. Photography C. Eeftinck Schattenkerk